This study examines the effectiveness of the Lions Quest Program: Skills for Growing by employing a quasi-experimental design with a control group. The experimental and control group each comprises two primary schools – one public, one private. One classroom at each grade level, 1 through 4, in each school was selected by random sampling for a total of 16 classrooms in the study. Pre-test data were collected in September 2013 and post-test data in May 2014, after the schools in the experimental group had implemented the program for eight months. Observations, interviews, and questionnaires were used for data collection. To examine the effects of the program on school climate, students' behaviors, students' perceptions of school, and students' conflict resolution skills, data were collected from both students and teachers. The findings show that the Lions Quest Program had a positive effect on school climate, students' behaviors, and conflict resolution skills, but did not have any significant effect on students' perceptions of school.

European Early Childhood Education Research Journal

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